Our merit credentials from customers can be found in the following products & services provided:-

  • Installation of new metal roof / Replacement of existing metal roof
  • Inspection and Repair of existing metal roof
  • Re-insulation of existing metal roof
  • Removal and disposal of asbestos roof / cladding
  • Painting of epoxy coatings on new / existing metal roof
  • Installation and replacement of polycarbonate / fiber-glass skylights
  • Installation of metal wall cladding and hoarding
  • Repair, installation and replacement of mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel gutters
  • Repair. installation and replacement of mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and PVC rainwater downpipe
  • Construction of mobile shelter and canopy
  • Fabrication and Installation of ductworks exhause system
  • Elevation of existing roof altitude
  • Modification of jack roof (including installation and replacement of aluminium / COLORBOND louvers)
  • Installation of wind turbine ventilation fans
  • Fabrication and installation of cat ladder
  • Fabrication and installation of ductworks exhaust system and chimney
  • Installation of perimeter chain-linked / BRC / expanded-metal fencing and enclosure
  • Fabrication of metal shelves, trolleys, safety equipments, etc
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